Pet Boarding FAQs

As much as we love our furry friends, it’s not always possible to take them with us everywhere we go. Pet boarding can provide a viable solution for pet care while you’re away. These FAQS from Veterinary Health Center in Saginaw provide greater insight into what to expect from pet boarding care.   

Who can benefit from pet boarding?

Pet boarding can be beneficial for pet owners who need a temporary or regular kennel to care for their pet while they’re traveling on vacation, attending school, business functions or going on a business trip. If you can’t take your dog or cat along, a trustworthy kennel is your next best option for caring for your pet.   

What should I look for in a boarding facility?

When considering a pet boarding facility, look for a kennel that’s clean, safe, secure and comfortable for your pet with experienced caregivers who can give him the love and attention he needs while you’re away. The kennel should have spacious, secure quarters and be capable of providing emergency care, if the need arises.

At Veterinary Health Center in Saginaw, we offer all these services and more for your furry friend.  We encourage you to tour our facility in advance, meet our personnel and get a glimpse of the quality services your pet will receive while under our care.

Can I board my special needs dog or cat?

At Veterinary Health Center, we welcome pets of all ages, sizes and breeds to include those with special needs. Whether your pet requires a special diet, medication, specific hygiene care or extra outdoor time, our staff is fully capable of providing for his or her care. Your Saginaw veterinarian will ensure your pet has what he needs to be healthy and happy in our care.

What items should I bring from home for my pet? 

You can bring the food your pet likes, medication and vitamins, if needed, and familiar items like food/water bowls, toys, blanket, etc., if you want, to make your pet feel at home while you’re away.

Are vaccinations required before boarding my pet?

Yes, we require that your dog or cat have vaccinations up to date before coming to our kennel. As pets often have playtimes together, updated vaccinations help prevent the spreading of contagious diseases. We’ll give you a list of vaccinations your pet must have so you can take care of this well in advance of his stay.

Contact Your Saginaw Veterinarian for Pet Boarding

For more information about pet boarding or to make reservations to board your kit or pup, contact Veterinary Health Center in Saginaw at (989) 793-2490. We look forward to having your pet as a guest in our boarding facility.

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